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Monday, 6 August 2012

Regular Hangout at MONALIZA bbq cafe

Chulia Street is one of the busiest street in Penang that is well known for food and accommodations. The locals come here for the restaurants or hawkers while foreigners are here for the hostels. I like here as I'm observing different cultures through various races or types of people. Opa Franky, my dear Boyfriend Attila and I have always been here for a dinner on Sunday night, reminding us about 'OSIM' or 'Oh Shit It's Monday'. Sometimes, Hairy Berndie and Phoebe will also be joining.

Attila has always ordered the Penang Fried Koay Teow槟城炒粿条 that is fried flat rice noodle with seafood. This is a local delicacy that is famous not only among Penangites but as well Malaysians. The flat rice noodle is fried with prawn, squid, fish ball, bean sprout and then being added with dark soy sauce and chili paste to give the nice aroma and a little spiciness. I don't really fancy over the Fried Koay Teow as it doesn't taste original without the sausage, clams and especially the fried pork skin. It's just not up to the standard taste without these ingredients. My favourite has always been the Thai Style Green Curry Chicken泰式青咖喱鸡 for its spiciness. The green curry is not so thick that the nice aroma of the coconut milk is not appealing. Anyway, I'm just enjoying the sweats from the hotness of the spicy green curry.

We're still continuing this weekly routine activity to be here on Sunday night. It's just a relaxing night before we start our busy working days.

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