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Thursday, 9 August 2012

Riding to Cameron Highlands

The wide and rugged road together with the cool and refreshing air, these are the attractions for Attila to go on a bike ride to Cameron Highlands. He likes to take the challenges on controlling his bike over the sharp corners and to enjoy the satisfaction after each safe trip. A sunny Sunday morning, this is the most perfect day to start the journey.

Our destination of riding to Cameron Highlands will always end at Green View Garden綠景園 that is located at the middle of the mountain after turning over every sharp corners of the winding road. They've a wide variety of food and desserts that are especially made from strawberry. Thus, we've ordered their specialties of Strawberry Milkshake and the Strawberry Tea. I guess I'll order the pure strawberry juice in future as I dislike the strong milky smell among the thick blended strawberries. I'm definitely not the fans for the tea for its strong sourness. Attila has then decided to go for the Fish n Chips whereby it's just the tasteless fish fillet for me. Well, I think he'll rather not to have the fishy smell?!! I've taken the the mixed platter that consists of Chicken Nuggets, Spring Rolls, Potato Wedges and Fries. Nothing is to feel surprise about these fried readily made instant food.

I'm more eager to taste the dessert that is called Strawberry Strudel鮮草莓千層酥. The fresh whipped cream and custard cream with the slices of fresh strawberry are stacked in between the baked pastry skin. A small scoop of cream, a thin slice of strawberry and a piece of pastry; the sweetness and sourness are completing each other with freshness. Anyway, it doesn't really amaze me for its soft and fluffy pastry.
This is a great riding trip and we've indeed enjoyed as well the chit-chat at Green View Garden. The surrounding is very relaxing and comfortable.

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