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Monday, 30 July 2012

Just Tart at Justart

The quality of caterer and the varieties of food have been improved with the opening of our newly built canteen in OSRAM. The cleanliness of the canteen is a major accomplishment that has been brought to us. Of course, the change has increased our frequency to visit the canteen to use up our RM2 subsidy each day.

I'm surprised to find the cute tarts in our canteen. Well, this is the first time that we're given so many choices not only for main course but as well for pastries and snacks. I've decided to try out the mini tarts that consist of Chocolate & Almond, Strawberry Cheese, Blueberry Cheese and Longan Jelly. Sharing with my Boyfriend, I've managed to try only the Chocolate & Almond and the Blueberry Cheese Mini Tarts. The procedure of making the Tarts is quite similar whereby the egg custard is basically poured into the pastry skin and being baked to cook except it's then differentiated by topping up with different flavours such as chocolate mousse, cheesy cream or the jelly that is then decorated with Longan fruit. I like the soft and fluffy egg custard. The pastry skin does taste good from the strong butter smell but I don't like its thick skin. I'm really wondering if the chef can make a thinner pastry skin? The special topping is an extra point to the Tarts and I do love both the thick chocolate and strong cheesy tastes.
From the boxes, the tarts are supplied by Justart巧塔 that has opened a new store at Krystal Point. I'm quite satisfied with the tarts except that it costs me RM1.90 each. It's expensive?!!

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