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Friday, 24 February 2012

WATERVIEW By the Lakeside

I've been nagging so much that Attila has never brought me to their 'Quaterly Party' at Danok, by the Thai border. There, the place that he has praised for the beautiful lake view together with a nice food in peace. Finally, here I'm brought to... WATERVIEW Restaurant. I do quite like the cool idea of this restaurant whereby dining tables are setup independently under the roofed hut and customers can sit or lay down comfortably on the pillows while waiting for the food to be served. Another special to highlight is, the food will be brought to you by the boat.

Our first order is of course the Seafood Tomyam Soup. The colour of the soup looks so appetizing and it's in fact delicious. The blended mixture of chili and spices are mixed so thoroughly into the soup to give the strong taste and spiciness. I've to say that the Tomyam is really very spicy. Followed by is the Grilled Fish that is served with fresh vegetable and grounded chili. No doubt that the meat is juicy but the chili tastes weird and it has indeed ruined my appetite over this dish.

The main character for the night is the Grilled River Prawns. The prawns are big or I'll say that the heads are very big and the prawns have long claws. I don't like the chili so much and I've indeed enjoyed more the natural sweetness of the fresh prawn.

The next dishes to follow are the Grilled Pork and the Fried Rice. The pork is quite solid or it's a little bit yet the meat is tasty. It's served with a kind of sweet sauce that is not really impressing as I prefer the saltiness of the pork. The fried rice is very salty for me but it's favour by my German boyfriend. Oh ya, another dish is the Fried Mixed Vegetable in Oyster Sauce. It's kind of too oily and nothing so special about the taste.

I'm happy that I've the chance to visit WATERVIEW Restaurant in Danok. The food is neither very great nor very delicious but I do enjoy the nice view and it's indeed a nice place for you to relax down for a meal.

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