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Sunday, 26 February 2012

East Meets West at Soul Kitchen

It's a regret for Attila if to talk about authentic Italian food or so-called the non-Halal Pizza in Penang. This is something that he has always missed to have after leaving Germany.

Thanks to Franky that Soul Kitchen is discovered as they're serving the stone oven Pizza and of course with the authentic taste or Salami or Ham. Why I'm saying that it's East meets West? The owners of the restaurant are the Malaysian-German couple whom are enjoying their marriage life with fun in the kitchen. The restaurant has in fact existed since years ago yet we don't know about it.
Not a moment for thoughts, Attila has decided to try out the Salami Pizza that consists also the Rocket Salad and grated Parmesan. Isn't it a cool name of Rocket Salad? It's indeed the Rucola vegetable. I've as well asked for a Pizza that is seved with Parma Ham. We've both been so satisfied with the Pizza whereby the thin dough is baked with a very thin layer of cheese that is not too much to drop or to drip, then being topped with the slices of Salami or Parma Ham and is ended by the Rucola. The tastiness of the Pizza is normally made up by the saltiness of the pork meat and this is the main point that Attila has always looked for. I do like the Salami here as it's not getting softy under the high heat.

Soul Kitchen is a small and it's not a luxurious restaurant yet they're indeed good by serving delicious and authentic Italian Pizza to the customers. The hand-written menu, it looks simple yet it's just friendly.
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