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Sunday, 26 February 2012

M or Michelangelo's

Trying out another Italian Restaurant at Gurney Plaza, it's the Michelangelo's. Not to our surprise that it's an Halal Italian food in Penang, yet Attila and I have decided to give it a try. I do quite like the dining area that is providing different styles of tables and chairs, ranging from the velvet chairs with round tables to the wooden PVC chairs with rectangle tables.

I've decided to go for the set lunch that comes with an appetiser, main course, beverage and a dessert. The first to come is the Caesar Salad that consists of lettuce, hard-boiled egg, crouton or the re-baked bread, beef bacon and Parmesan cheese. I'm not so fancy about this salad as I don't like beef bacon so much that it's neither salty nor flavourful. For the main course, I've taken the Spaghetti Marinara Sizzlelini whereby the tomato-based seafood Spaghetti is served in the sizzling hot pan. The prawn is not so fresh but I do like the sauce and the 'chewiness' of the Spaghetti. I've to say that the Spaghetti here is delicious.

Attila has chosen to take the Pizza with Beef Pepperoni and hard-boiled egg. The Pizza looks quite delicious ya?!! Both of us have banned the Pizza here because it's tasteless. Beef Pepperoni by itself is already not so salty and additionally, the Pizza dough is as well tasteless. We're wondering if the chef has forgotten to add salt.

My set lunch is ended with a cup of coffee and a Lime Ice on the Mango Sauce. It's kind of disappointed that the coffee is not strong. The cold ice is very delicious and refreshing but Attila has indeed enjoyed it more than me because I don't like mango.

It's a disappointment as Michelangelo's is not serving authentic or real Italian food yet the Pasta here is quite delicious. We'll revisit here for the Spaghetti instead for the Pizza.

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