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Sunday, 12 February 2012

Our First Destination by Pattaya Beach, Café Lipe

First stepping onto the Pattaya Beach of Koh Lipe, we just can't wait to have our first meal at Café Lipe to fill our hunger after a long drive from Penang. The restaurant looks like a jungle from outside, being covered with various trees and plants. The tables and chairs are made from wood or bamboo, everything looks just natural and leisure.

Attila has asked for their homemade bread, the Bacon and Cheese Sandwich that is garnished with cucumber, tomato and lettuce. The salty ingredients with the fresh vegetable being compacted in between the soft bread that comes along with the nice aroma of sesame seeds; there's only one word that I can describe, 'Declicious'! The sandwich bread appears to be special, because I can't recall to get it anywhere else.

I've decided to take the Green Curry Chicken and to go with the Siam Rice. The main ingredients in green curry are Basil leaves, coconut milk and chili to create the colour and to give the nice aroma, milky taste and spiciness to the dish. I'm not an expert for Thai cuisine but I do like the taste of the green curry here because it's not too oily and the long beans, eggplants have indeed added some refreshing taste to the curry. Furthermore, the chicken meat is tender and it's absorbing the green curry's taste.
It's a great satisfaction that we've had our delicious first meal in Koh Lipe. This is making us even more looking forward for a relaxing holiday here.

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