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Sunday, 12 February 2012

'Final Destination' in Singapore, Hong Kong in Tai Hing

We've decided to have our lunch before boarding, departing from Singapore back to Penang. 'Love Hong Kong, Love Tai Hing' and with the big characters of Congee or Dim Sum or Noodle or Chinese BBQ, this is our choice to try out the food at 太興.

Attila and I have ordered the Pork Knuckle佛山熏蹄 and Supreme Char Siu & Steamed Chicken叉烧拼切鸡 set meals that are served with noodle respectively. The water-boiled Pork Knuckle is cold yet Attila has quite enjoyed the slight crunchiness and non-oiliness of the pork. It's opposite for mine whereby the Char Siu with a thick layer of fat is too oily while the Steamed Chicken is very hard and dry. I don't like the noodle either because the soup is very salty and it's just making me feeling thirsty.
I'm somehow quite sad that we've not had a delicious meal before departing from Singapore. Yet, it's a good experience to find out a good Italian Pizza and German food here.

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