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Monday, 13 February 2012

Variation at FINO Restaurant

No reservation is allowed at La Luna and being rejected that 'Now is not peak season', we've somehow being disappointed by not having a chance to re-visit La Luna as the house is fully packed with customers. I'm somehow a little unhappy because we've tried to convince the owner that we'll prefer to have reservation as it'll be hard to get a table for 6pax of us at 8pm...

Thus, we've decided to try out Fino Restaurant that is serving German, Italian and Thai food. Well, the menu provides more choices to fulfill every one's requirement.

As a starter, Attila and I have shared the Egg Salad. The fresh mixed vegetable such as cucumber, tomato, lettuce and purple cabbage is topped with sliced hard-boiled egg and being served together with Thousand Island Sauce. This is not any special salad but it's good to open up the appetite.

For main courses, I've selected the Seafood Spaghetti that comes with mixed seafood such as fish, squid and prawn in the tomato-based sauce. I don't really fancy about the Spaghetti because the sauce is too sweet and it tastes very 'Asiatic', a little alike the Tomyam sauce. Attila has chosen the Grilled Pork Rib that is served with baked potato and green salad. The sauce is sweet and it's tasty to marinate the pork rib. However, the meat is very chewy. I guess both of us prefer the 'American-style' rib whereby the meat is normally softer and juicier.

There's nothing really special about the food in Fino Restaurant that I can remember of. Anyway, it's somehow another choice of Italian food for us.

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