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Thursday, 2 February 2012

Fat Buddha, Let's Go to Yum Cha!

'Where should we go for morning breakfast today?', wondering around Queen Victoria Building at George Street and we've decided to go to 'Yum Cha' at Fat Buddha Chinese Restaurant. 'Yum Cha' are Cantonese words that mean 'Drink Tea'. Traditionally, Chinese likes to go for Dim Sum点心 and tea drinking in the morning. Tea with its aroma is such a refreshing drink to start the day.

Attila has decided to start with the Deep Fried Squid. The squid is not crispy and it's indeed kind of too salty yet it tastes quite delicious. Attila has gladly finished the whole plate of the squid.

Additionally, we've shared the Pork Dumplings, Prawn Dumplings and Seafood Coriander Dumplings. I don't really enjoy the dumplings but they don't really taste special or delicious. Anyway, I really dislike the Seafood Coriander Dumplings because they taste weird with the aroma of Coriander leaves. Lastly, we've as well ordered the Stir-fried Egg Noodle with Soy Sauce. This is just a simple dish of fried noodle with bean sprouts. I'm somehow very dissatisfied with the noodle for the chipped-off plate.

The Dim Sum at Fat Buddha is neither special nor very delicious. I'm just treating it as another try of different cuisine in Australia.

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