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Monday, 8 February 2010

What else can you do with white porridge?

Porridge is the traditional food for Chinese, regardless the bloodline of whether you're Hokkien, Teochew, Cantonese etc. In old days, people like to serve white porridge for breakfast, a healthy lifestyle without too much oil. Nowadays, when mom says 'Hey, come to eat your porridge', I bet the face is like black charcoal, complaining that 'Ha, porridge again?'. Why? Because people always dislike it for its tasteless.

An interesting way to serve your porridge is, to fry it ;)
In Serdang, there's a shop that's selling 'Char Moi' or fried porridge. Aik Kee restaurant, this is the only and the original restaurant that sells the best fried porridge in town. 'Char Moi' here, they fry it with cuttle fish, pork, small prawn and leek leaves. Every ingredients is adding on the sweetness to the porridge itself and the leek is giving a nice aroma to create my hunger.
I always think that this is a simple dish that anyone can do it, but over the northern areas that I've been searching around, I'm still willing to drive for 1/2hr to get this dish in this restaurant.

Other than 'Char Moi', my another passion is towards the steamed fish. The fresh fish is making the soup sweet naturally, without any needs for seasoning. The meat is tender and juicy, then with it's heated on the charcoal, you don't need to worry if the fish will get cold easily. If you think it's too plain, alternatively you can ask for tomyam steam fish. But, I personally feel that the tomyam is too sweet instead of sour and spicy.

Move on to seafood, please try the prawn and cuttle fish here. I like the 'Kam Heong' style fried prawn whereby it's actually frying the prawn with dark soya sauce, curry leave and some small chili. You can taste the little spiciness in the sweetness of the soya sauce with a very nice aroma from the curry leaves. While for cuttle fish, it's a must try for their homemade special sauce; not too sweet, not too sour, not too salty... enhanced by the freshness of the cuttle fish.

Healthy, healthy and healthy. Remember to add in green vegetable in your meal ya! I like the 'Sambal fried Emperor leaves'. I'm wondering if they've own garden and pick the leaves everyday, as the vegetable is fresh and young. With the special sambal, it's really a taste enhancement to this dish.

You can find few shops in Serdang, that serve 'Char Moi' as well. For me, this is my only choice and will be my only preference for this fried porridge.

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