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Monday, 8 February 2010

How about a crispy duck?

Have you ever eaten duck that you can hear the crunchiness in your ears?

In Lunas Kulim, there's another restaurant selling duck also. But the main character is called 'Pi Pa Duck', famous for its crispy skin. Look through the glass of the stall, you'll find the ducks are 'flattened', hanging on the big fork to wait for customers. Before the duck is served, the duck is to be fried again, to enhanced its crispiness. That's the reason that you'll need to wait for around 5mins for your order to arrive.

The 'Pi Pa duck' gets its name from its crispy skin and the homemade special sauce. I don't know the ingredients inside, but the dark sauce goes well with the duck meat, not too sweet or salty. Don't ever think that fried duck meat is always too dry. As you bite, you can feel the tenderness and juiciness of the meat melting in your mouth.

By the way, this restaurant is also famous for the 'Pan Mian', a type of homemade noodle from flour dough. The chef will flatten the dough with a wood stick, then manually hand-roll it through a machine; to get a thin sheet, as thin as it can before slicing it into the width that you like. I like the hand-tear dough whereby you can find your noodle in small non-uniform pieces. I prefer the soupy 'Pan Mian' but my boyboy likes it to be dried, in dark soya sauce. Both will be garnished with fried fish cake, black fungus and anchovies. If you order the dried 'Pan Mian', don't worry that it'll be too dry; you'll get a small bowl of soup that I bet that you'll finish it off till the last drop. The soup itself is so sweet and fresh, I'm thinking how many meat bones or hours that they spend to boil this nice soup.

As usual, I won't miss out to order a 'Chai Boi' to go with my duck meat. This dish is bit more spicy and sour compared to the one in Tan Kee's, so it's a nice appetizer to those whom like sourness ;)

Drop by here in Lunas -> Exit BKE (B'worth - Kulim Expressway) and follow direction to Lunas, whereby don't go up the bridge, always keep left and then turn left into Lunas town. Go straight for around 3mins till you reach a 4-junctions traffic light. Turn right and you'll see the restaurant on your left.

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