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Tuesday, 9 February 2010

'Tang Yuan'... Time to get older again?!!

'Tang Yuan' or 汤圆 is the chinese dessert that is made from glutinous rice and it's colourfully available in various type of tong sui. Traditionally, we make 'Tang Yuan' at the end of Chinese Lunar Calendar year as a symbol that 'we've grown up; it's time to add another year of age'. It also means 'Tuan Yuan' or reunion. Sometimes, I act like a spoiled kid, being coquetry that I don' want to grow up ;)

'All About Sugar & Gift' 团圆汤圆甜品屋 is a dessert house that is found in Jln Susu Penang whereby they serve different types of 'Tang Yuan'; the sweetened filled ingredients like peanut, red bean, chocolate, cheese, durian etc in the ginger tong sui (ginger is boiled with sugar and water) or in smoothly blended peanut, cashew nut paste or with blended ice or even in the longan tong sui.

Boyboy orders 'Sai Mai Loh', a honey dew ice blended with some lychee and colourful 'Tang Yuan' on top. I'm expecting if they can put in more honey dew, so that the taste and aroma is stronger?
I'm greedier because I, myself alone has eaten the 'Tang Yuan' in cashew nut paste that they only serve it on Sunday and a Browny sugared 'Tang Yuan' that comes with a mixture of coconut, grounded peanut.
I like the cashew nut paste as it's on the right sweetness, not too sticky and it's finely blended to a very smooth texture. Well, I enjoy the delicous taste except it's lack of a rich aroma. The brown sugar coating on the 'Tang Yuan' is thick and sweet; the delicious taste is enhanced when it's coated with the coconut, grounded peanut mixture that has been fried on heat, creating a nice, natural aroma itself. I like the chewiness of the glutinous 'Tang Yuan' here, not too soft.

The cozy ambient is letting people to feel homely and being comfortable here. I like the most, the sink... What's so special? They feed the gold fish inside, so cute but do remember not to wash your hands here ;)

To those whom are art collectors, you can also find some china traditional lady-shaped imported ceramic art statues that are meant to be sold here.

I'm a 'Tang Yuan' lover, I'll definitely come back again to try more on their menu.

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