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Sunday, 7 February 2010

My 1st Blogging

Why choose blogging? Should say... my passion for food ;)

Ya, I scare of calories, afraid if my BMI is out of spec, freak out to become a 80kg fatty again; but I still love eating. I like food hunting, enjoy the satisfaction during the moment the delicious taste melts in my mouth... Errr, imagining myself in the heaven for the tasty food that I've in front of me. I won't know, whether there'll be a next chance that I'm going to find such nice food again.

Food that I'm in love with, maybe is a dislike to others. Sometimes, I may find my bottleneck of 'where to eat ya?', 'why the food is sucks?'... Different mouth, different sensitivity and requirement towards food tasting; regardless of what, me here, just to share wherever that I've found, whatever I've eaten... with my friends that have been very supportive and willing to be the 'experiment white rat' together.

I welcome any suggestions and opinions, to me, this new blogger ^(00)^

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