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Monday, 15 February 2010

Western food inside a traditional, old motel... It's called 'Hitam Manis Corner'

'Hitam Manis Corner' in direct translation, it means sweet blackish corner, what a special name ya! It's located inside an old motel by the roadside of Lunas main road, just at the corner of the 4-junctions of Lunas town.

Imagine a very old shop house with some tiny crack lines and faded paints on the wall, I really never think that I can find a nice meal here. The 1st moment when I step into here, the motel seem to be very old and dark due to the very dim light but honestly, there's a lot of traditional elements here. The wall is decorated with the traditional China paintings; then there's a very big flower pot that's left aside, just in front of the old wooden cupboard; Beside the counter, there's a giant weighing machine with a big safety box on top whereby it's being used to weigh gunny sacks of rice in old time while for tables, they do still have the marble type.

Let's talk about the food now. I've ordered a vegetable salad as my starter. It comes with thousand island sauce on the vegetable of course, also tomato, onion and cucumber. I won't comment much as salad is kind of normal dish anyway. BoyBoy and I have chosen the shark fin soup that costs RM5 per bowl. The rich chicken stock is adding on sweetness to the soup itself and with the black vinegar, the sourness enhances the aroma of this soup. We like it for it's not too thick or sticky. Well, the shark fin is not so plenty but the taste is not bad at all, especially in this small town on a cheap price. Our main course for the night is the Chicken A'la Kiew, it's similar to the chicken cordon bleu whereby the cheese is wrapped inside the chicken meat and then is deep fried till golden crunchy, except the size is longer here. We cut it into halves... Wow, the cheese is blasting out slowly, so yummy! The chicken meat is crunchy on the outside but the inner is tender whereby the sweet juiciness is still 'locked' inside the fresh chicken meat and with the thick, creamy cheese; this 1st bite is so satisfying.

We're seriously prefer to spend on the same dishes here than at Secret Recipe or at any other western restaurants in Kulim.

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