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Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Brownies... Moist or Crunchy?

What I know about brownies, it's a chocolate cake that is famous for its moisture and heavier weight. The rich chocolate taste is making it a nice dessert, especially to those whom favour in chocolate.

Home's Cafe or Home's Recipe is located at D'Piazza Mall, Bayan Lepas area and this is the place that I've discovered this lovely dessert. What is so special with the brownies here? It is actually not only moist but crunchy. I think you must be wondering that how can a cake be moist yet still can be crunchy, right?

Here, I should say innovation, the brownies is served in bite size that is in small square cube of about 2.5x2.5cm each. It doesn't look appetizing from outside. When I fork it, the brownies is actually a little bit hard and it's easily breaks into pieces; but when I put it in my mouth, it is moist inside. When I pop one of the brownies cube into my mouth: I hear the crunchiness and then, the moist of the hot chocolate is splashing out and melts in my mouth... Ya, I say hot! From outside, the brownies is seem to be left cold but the inner chocolate, it's still 'locked' in warmth ;)

I'm happy with this sweet dessert, but it'll be nicer if they can add on thicker chocolate taste.

By the way, My friend is also commenting that the 'nasi lemak' here is delicious, worth to try. Do drop by to try out the menu ya!

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