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Monday, 15 February 2010

The Heritage of Food... I call it 'Sire Museum'

Have you ever tried to have your meal, a dining experience inside a museum alike restaurant? I'm introducing a Penang's cultural heritage building that is called Sire Museum and they do serve delicious food as well. This building is belonged to Yeap Chor Ee family whereby it is refurbished into a museum and meanwhile, it's also a restaurant for you to dine-in.

My 1st impression after step into the building: the cozy and bright environment is making people feel so refreshing and homely here. Every tables is decorated with the flower of the day, mine is the elegant orchid in a high glass. The dim light from the small candle beside is adding a little romance to the surrounding.

My starter is a healthy Caesar salad; it's decorated with some water-boiled egg, fried to aroma anchovies and Parmesan cheese, just to taste without too creamy or salty. The Mayonnaise fruit salad is as tasty as well, the little sour black vinegar is a good seasoning to enhance my appetite.
Followed by is a Norwegian Seafood soup. Well, I dislike it to be too creamy but the taste is anyhow special with some herbs inside and I find a lot of seafood like mussel, prawn, fish and squid. The soup comes with the cheesy garlic french bread. We love it as it's hot and for the nice aroma of the sticky cheese. I've ordered a vegetarian pasta as my main course. It's very colourful with the carrot, eggplant and tomato, then some parsley and Parmesan cheese as the garnishing. Oh ya, another very healthy concept yet I feel that the pasta is little bit too sour. I think they're adding vinegar for this dish, that I feel it's too strong. My carnivorous friend has asked for a grilled steak that is half-cooked, comes with some mixture of fried vegetable, corn and eggplant. I scare of the bloody meat but my friend claims that the tenderness is just nice for his bite. What to be dissatisfied is the aroma and taste whereby the meat doesn't absorb the herbs and spices completely.

Time for my dessert now. My baked cheesecake comes with a raspberry ice-cream and a mint dark chocolate, nicely decorated with a chocolate stick and raspberry sauce. I enjoy the specially homemade chocolate the most as it's not too sweet with a aroma of the mint. I think I'll be more glad if the cheesecake can be smoother and finer, also with stronger cheese taste.

Behind the restaurant, it's the place whereby all the unique antiques and traditional elements are maintained nicely. After a full meal, you can just walk around to enjoy the sightseeing into the time tunnel back to past and learn to appreciate the historical relics. The food here is not so to my appetite and taste, but it's still a restaurant that is nice to dine-in for a peaceful meal.

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