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Sunday, 7 February 2010

Do you like roasted duck?

Duck, I bet many people dislike to eat duck meat for its special 'duck smell'. Ok, I hated duck too because it chased me when I was 7years old, scary...
Someday, Dad brought us this roasted duck from somewhere and that was the 1st time I found that duck meat was great, it was a delicious dish that I'd sworn that I wouldn't eat it...

Guess where is it? It's Tan Kee's Roasted Duck Restaurant in Kulim.

Tan Kee is famous for its traditional roasted duck whereby you can find the shop is always packed with customers, especially on weekend. It's even more popular during Chinese New Year that people like to buy the duck to eat or for praying. My mom is also the regular customer on 'Bai Tian Gong' - 9th day of CNY, Hokkien's new year.

The specialty of the duck meat here is: You won't find the bad duck's smell like any other stalls. The tender meat with their special soy sauce is adding on a nice aroma and taste.

Alternatively, you can choose the fried duck with sour plum sauce. My colleagues prefer this for the duck's crunchy skin and the plum's appetizing sourness ;)

For me, I enjoy the 'Chai Boi'; it's the mixed boiling of vegetable, duck bones and assam pieces. I like to drink the soup... Errr, at least 2bowls ;)
Try their Tofu in soy sauce and Greens with oyster sauce also, adding on healthiness to your diet each day. I feel that the spices in the tofu is little bit too strong, that it covers up the sweetness of the dark soya sauce. The fresh vegetable is nice, but we still think that the oyster sauce is too much already.

Drop by here at the main road of Lunas -> Exit BKE (B'worth - Kulim expressway), keep left and don't go up the bridge whereby you'll need to follow the direction to Lunas, it's to turn left. Go straight for about 2mins and you'll find the shop on your left.

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