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Friday, 12 February 2010

Since 1856... Ghee Hiang, the historical Biscuits

Chinese New Year is around the corner. I think everyone is headache and wondering of the most suitable gifts for your family, relatives, friends or loved ones ya! I've chosen the most historical Penang local products, Ghee Hiang biscuits or so-called 'Pneah' for my boyboy's family.

Ghee Hiang has been established since 1856... Wow, more than 150years in Penang! It's famous not only for the local biscuits like 'Tau Sar Pneah', 'Phong Pneah', 'Hneoh Pneah', 'Beh Teh Saw', Oriental Almond Cookies; but also for the sesame oil. My mom is the supporter for Ghee Hiang sesame oil, for its rich aroma of the roasted sesame seeds, that really enhances the taste and deliciousness of a dish.

Talking about the various type of 'Pneah', I personally like the 'Tau Sar Pneah' and 'Phong Pneah', that are filled with finely grounded, sweet and salty green beans and melted pure white sugar respectively. 'Hneoh Pneah' is filled with brown sugar while 'Beh Teh Saw' is with a crispier skin that is coated with sesame seeds and filled with sweet molasses. The Oriental Almond cookies is made from freshly grounded almond that is then baked till golden shiny color. Regardless of the 'Pneah' that you choose, the delicious taste is sure a satisfaction to all ;)

By the way, they do have white coffee for sales as well. For the CNY, it's a brilliant gift idea to select their gift set that consists of all the local products from Ghee Hiang.

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