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Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Life is like a box of colourful 'Mua Chee'

'Mua Chee' or 麻芝 is made from glutinous rice, then it's coated with sugar, grounded peanut and sesame seeds. Some people may dislike it for its soft and sticky texture, but it's delicious especially as a teatime dessert.

Pinang 'Mua Chee' is the 1st and only stall that is famous for its colourful 'Mua Chee'. They comes in multi flavours; from the original taste to pandan, black sesame, sweet corn and green tea, or sometimes the special flavours like blackcurrant or lychee. Guess what? The flavour is really natural, no preservative and full with the pure ingredients. When I bite my 'Mua Chee', I'm surprised to bite the blackcurrant pieces.

In Pinang 'Mua Chee', you can ask for a big or small plate of one flavour only or the combination of all the flavours that they've for the day. Original flavour 'Mua Chee' is always the most preferred by customers that will not be forgotten, but it's no harm to explore the colourful world of 'Mua Chee', right? I like 'Mua Chee' as it's elastic and nice to chew. In here, it's even more interesting with the rich colours, flavours and nice aroma ;)

The stall is located inside the Northam Beach Cafe, opposite the Northam Tower nearby Gurney Drive, only from 6pm onwards. Remember, it's closed on Tuesday!

Location Map

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