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Sunday, 17 March 2013

Ben's... What is Good Here?

Thinking about the lunch for Saturday's afternoon, I've suggested to take a look at Gurney Paragon since we're just around the area. A new place in town yet we haven't tried it out, here I've suggested to go to Ben's that is located inside the white building at the ground floor. I've a high expectation over the restaurant because of the positive comments from my colleague and as well from some random blogs over the Internet.

I like the single sheet of the menu but it's hard to figure out what is actually good here? Let's do it by random pick! Attila and I have decided to take the Crab & Ebiko Salad for starter. It's a type of Coleslaw that is mixed with tiny slices of crab meat and Salmon roes and then being served on top of the butterhead lettuce. It's totally a wrong choice because the salad is very fishy that the smell and the taste have killed our appetites. Besides, it's a mess that the Salad comes together with our main courses. This is a fine-dining concept of restaurant, do I need to remind them about the sequences?
We've ordered the Ben's Cheeseburger on Sesame Seed Bun and the Ben's Nasi Istimewa respectively. In 1st impression, Attila has been so disappointed with his burger as it's topped with the caramelized onion despite he has reminded the waiter repeatedly. Attila is not so satisfied with the meat as it's not as tasty as and as juicy as any beef patties that he has tried before. I've not tasted the burger but this is most likely not a good burger if it can't fulfil my Boyfriend's requirement. Besides, the French Fries are so soft that I guess they're exposed to the air for a long time before they're served to our table. However, one good point is the sesame bun that is not only soft but it also tastes and smells nice from the black and white sesame seeds.

I'm definitely shocked by the portion of the Nasi Istimewa. Short Rib Rendang, Chicken Berempah, Sambal Udang, Ulam, salted egg and prawn crackers being served together with a high tower of rice, is it for 1pax or indeed to be shared by 2pax? I like the beef rendang for the meat that has been stewed for long hours that it becomes so soft and I like also the strong taste of the spices. But, it's still a little weird that the meat and spices are indeed not "bind" together. The chicken meat has absorbed the marination sauce completely that the meat is slightly salty yet it's very appetizing. The Sambal sauce is just too sweet and I'm unhappy as the prawn is not fresh that the meat is so softy. The only side dishes that I've enjoyed is the Ulam that tastes very refreshing with a little sourness from the lime and a little spiciness from the chopped chili and also the instant prawn crackers that can't go wrong!

I admit that I may have made a mistake by taking an Asian dish here but it's still a big disappointment that they're not good even for burger. We're totally disappointed by the 1st trial here and the meal is definitely not worthwhile for money.

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