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Sunday, 3 March 2013

Nordic at Five27

Newly renovated and presenting its brand new Nordic menu, we've decided to visit Five27 that is located at Straits Quay or it's indeed previously the Agua. Nordic is referring to main countries such as Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden whereby they're making up a region in Northern Europe and North Atlantic. Nordic dining concept is the 1st in Penang and it's commonly being known with Swedish's influence.

The Cold Cut Platter is out of order and thus we've decided to start with the Bruschetta and the Spicy Garlic Prawn. Before getting our appetizers, we're served with their special homemade bread that comes with an awesome raspberry butter. I'm a little surprised because the bread indeed looks and tastes alike cake that the texture is slightly compact while the most top layer is a little crispy. I'm not a "bread person" but I've definitely fell in love with the raspberry butter that is salty and also it has a nice aroma and biteness of the raspberry fruit. The Bruschetta is also prepared from the homemade bread that it's topped with chopped garlic, onion, tomato and basil leave. It's amazing that Attila likes the Bruschetta despite of the chopped onion that he has always hated of. The Spicy Garlic Prawn is delicious even simply being garnished with some salt, pepper, dried chili and herbs. It's a little disappointment for me that the prawn is not very fresh that the meat is too soft.

We're waiting eagerly for our main courses. Bernd has chosen the recommended dish of 4hrs Lamb Shank that is served on top of the garlic parmesan potato puree and being garnished together with Mojorojo sauce, citrus apple salad and artichoke. The meat is very tender that it's de-boned by itself with just a soft touch of fork. I'm not fancy over lamb for its strong smell but this is definitely a tasty dish that will be accepted by all lamb-lover. Attila has ordered the Pork Medallion with Mushroom Brown Sauce that is served together with garlic parmesan potato puree and fried long beans. I like the compactness and the juiciness of the pork meat and it matches well with the sauce. Both of the guys have been enjoying the potato puree so much especially they're totally addicted with the taste of the cheese.

Phoebe and I have taken the Penne with Salmon and Shiitake Lasagna respectively. The Penne is cooked in a white-based creamy sauce yet it taste very refreshing that I think it's because of the lemon zest and thyme. I've a big portion of Lasagna that is served with Truffle sauce. De-layering and you'll see the slices of Shiitake Mushroom that are sandwiched in between of the pastry skins. I love the combinations of the special aroma of the Shiitake Mushroom with the saltiness of the Truffle sauce and they're really delicious! Anyway, I've not finished my meal because it's just too much for my stomach and I'm indeed wondering if they can prepare kid's meal for me?!!

Brandon insists to treat us some desserts that we've decided to share the Oreo Cheesecake, Tiramisu, Chocolate Cake and Crème brûlée. It's a little shock for us that the portion is actually quite big. I find the cheese is not so strong that the Oreo Cheesecake tastes more alike the plain chocolate cake. The Tiramisu is indeed a really good dessert whereby the Chef is maintaining the originality by using the Amaretto Liquor. I'm a little too fussy that I prefer if the cake is thinner and with a little bit more of liquor. The Chocolate Cake is made from the dark chocolate and it's full of the chocolate's taste. Finally, we're finishing the big plate of the Crème brûlée that is very smooth and soft. It's just weird to have raisin inside the Crème brûlée that I find the sourness of the dried grapes has indeed destroyed the sweetness of the caramelised sugar.

Coming in town with its Nordic menu, I'm still waiting for more deliciousness from Five27! For the 1st trial, it has triggered my eagerness to try the other dishes in their menu.

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