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Sunday, 17 March 2013

Angus to the Steak with Japanese & Charcoal

Fussies #1 and #4 are out of the town, Su and I are "allowed" to go for new blogging at Angus House Japanese Charcoal Steak that is located at Gurney Paragon. This restaurant is taking up the front corner at Level-1 and it has been styled as the fine dining concept. As its name, they're famous for the Steak that is char-grilled in Japanese way. One interesting information that has triggered our attentions, they're serving the same set menu for the day but the lunch is indeed cheaper than the dinner.

We've decided to share the Spaghetti a la Angus House that is called Salmon & Scallop with Miso Sauce. It's hard to imagine the combinations of Italian Spaghetti with Japanese Miso, aren't you? We're almost to laugh out loudly as the Spaghetti is served with plenty of seaweed on top. Surprisingly the sauce is good whereby the Chef has mixed the butter into the Miso sauce to create the saltiness that matches the Spaghetti completely. I'm just a little disappointed that the Scallop is not as fresh and as juicy as I want it to be. But, I'm still giving a "Thumb Up" as the creativity to combine the Italian Spaghetti with the Japanese sauce and seaweed has turned out to be a perfect deliciousness.

Our next order is a dinner set of Mixed Seafood Grill that is served together with the Hors-d' oeuvre or appetizer, soup of the day, salad, rice or bread and then a dessert. We're 1stly amazed by the small bun that is very crispy yet the inner is still hot and it's very soft. Simply to go with the butter and it's just tasty. Next is their appetizer that is a cold platter of fish meat with a yellow sauce. I've no clue about the sauce but the sweetness definitely goes well with the meat. I don't really like the Cauliflower Soup as it's too milky while the Salad is just fine being dressed with the Balsamic Vinegar. The main character is following then and here comes the King Prawn, Cuttlefish and Scallop inside a Sizzling Plate. The Seafood is quite okay but the taste is surely not too special. Oppositely, the sauce is quite interesting as it tastes alike the ginger and the orange. A yellowish cream cake that is beautifully decorated with the "Angus" in chocolate sauce, this is our dessert to end the dinner and I find it not tasty at all.

I'm not a meaty person that we've not ordered the beef here. How stupid or how weird we are?!! Anyway, we'll come back here again with the Fussies for their Japanese Charcoal Steak.

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