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Sunday, 10 March 2013

Mango into the Dessert

I'm not fancy over dessert that is made from mango as I find it tastes alike cough medicine. This is the reason that I've never stepped into Hui Lau Shan許留山 despite that it has been in Penang for months. The dessert house in its sharp yellowish and orange's colour has always been overwhelmed by customers whom like fresh fruit dessert or indeed the well-known mango dessert.

I've chosen the Mango Feast芒果小盛宴 that comprises of 3 desserts. 1st bowl is the rectangular ice-cream with a little of mango and being coated with a layer of mashed biscuits. 2nd bowl consists of mango cubes and small sago balls that are placed inside the mango ice-blended. 3rd bowl is the mixture of mango cubes and coconut noodles or slices that are topped with a mango ice-cream. I dislike the powdery taste of the milky ice-cream and the mango essence that has made the ice-cream to taste weird and awful alike the medicine. The only favourite of mine is the mango ice-blended that is very smooth and it has a nice aroma and deliciousness from the fresh fruit. Besides, I like the coconut noodles that can easily slip through my throat.

Attila has taken the Mango Icy Combo芒果捞嘢 whereby it's a platter that consists of mango ice-cream and being topped with Nata de Coco or a type of jelly and fresh fruits. We've been quite disappointed with this dessert because we dislike the mango ice-cream while the strawberry is indeed bitter as it has over ripe. Due to thirst, we've decided to take the Mango Cube & Mango Juice that comes with the Mango Jelly. The taste is quite delicious but I don't really like the jelly as it's just too soft.

I don't deny that Hui Lau Shan has a good recipe for the fresh mango ice-blended. But, I can't find further motivation to visit the dessert house again at this moment. A valid point that I'm still holding is the awful taste of the mango essence.

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