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Sunday, 17 March 2013

Twelve is 12 + Cups

It has been a well-known place to hangout for coffee and cake, The Twelve Cups that is located at Logan Heritage by Bishop Street. It has caught a lot of people's attention despite it's still quite newly in town. Being approved by the Fussies that it's worthwhile to try out the dessert here, Su and I have decided to come here after our dinner gathering.

Highly recommended by the house, we've taken the Hokkaido Chocolate Mille Crepe and the Hokkaido Milk Mille Crepe. Mille Crepe is as well being known as thousand layers cake because it's being made by stacking the thin layers of pancake alternatively with the cream. We've counted it twice, the Mille Crepe is made up by 18 layers! The Hokkaido Chocolate is the blackish pancake that is layered with the white cream and the chocolate rice balls. The black and white are very interesting whereby they look alike the stripes of the zebra. For me, the specialty of this Mille Crepe is the crunchiness of the chocolate rice balls. I indeed prefer the Hokkaido Milk as it's more creamy and the texture is smoother. But, the milkiness is very filling that I'll advise not to have it with a sweet drink.

Oh ya, to be here is to feel good and every single cakes are actually being decorated with different designs on the plates! I've mine with the symbol of 12 Cups. Looking back to the picture by Su, she has additionally a smiley face.

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