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Sunday, 17 March 2013

The Bulgarian at Tanjung Bungah

The only Bulgarian's food in Penang yet we've never stepped into Vintage Bulgaria Restaurant & Bar that is located at Tanjung Bungah. It's just next door to the famous Ingolf's Kneipe German Restaurant by the hillside. I've just learnt that the business is ran by a Bulgarian family. Their intention is to create a cosy Bulgarian dining environment for the Penangites to enjoy this Eastern European cuisine that comes with a Greek and Turkish influence.

Attracted by the wide selection of menu, we've decided to start with the Orley Wraps. This is a traditional Bulgarian dish whereby the cheese is wrapped inside the pork bacon that is then being skewed and grilled to a slight brownish skin. As being seen by the colours, the whitish cheese is a goat cheese while the yellowish one should be coming from the cow such as Gouda or Cheddar. This is definitely a great starter and you can choose between the goat or cow cheese on your preference. We've then decided to share the Bulgarian Sausage Platter that comprises mixed grill of homemade Kebapche, Kyofte, Karnatche and pork fillet. Kebapche and Karnatche are both made from the minced pork and beef that has been mixed with some special spices but I find the sausage has a stronger smell of the beef while Kyofte is the meatball. They're all delicious but I personally prefer the Kebapche and the pork fillet as they're tasty especially with the spices and the saltiness in the meat. I like the slight dryness inside the meat that has created the "biteness" yet it's not hard. The sauce is made mainly with the mushroom and the onion, it's a good match to the meat. Another dish that is not to be missed is the Traditional Sizzling Plate with a mix of grilled boneless pork, chicken and sausage together with assorted vegetables on a hot plate. The coolest thing is we don't need to worry about the bones but the dish is definitely very delicious! The meat is so tender and juicy while the sauce is so appetizing that I've loved to have it with bread or rice.

It's enough with the pork or beef or chicken, we've decided to order a Roast Halibut Fish Fillet. The name is interesting, isn't it? I don't really like the fish for its slight fishy smell yet the mushroom sauce is definitely tasty that I would like to have it gets flooding over the fish. Besides, do try out the potato that comes together as the side dish. Being oven-baked with some cheese and sliced onion, I really like the potato so much.

Ending the meal with a Lemon Cheese Cake and a Tiramisu, both of the desserts are quite okay but with a need for improvements. The Lemon Cheese is very smooth and tasty but the base of the cake is definitely not my favourite. Can it be replaced with a layer of crunchy cookies instead? The Tiramisu here is the cake-based that I prefer the traditional and original Italian type that comes with Mascarpone cream and Amaretto liquor.

No regret that we've made this decision to visit Vintage Bulgaria. The originality of the food is preserved here and it's definitely a worth for money. The portion is quite big, the deliciousness is guaranteed, the environment is very comfortable... We've enjoyed our dinner here except with a slight disturbance that we've a hard time to get the waiters to attend to us.

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