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Sunday, 24 June 2012

Nostalgia at Muntri Street, the 50

Coming through Love Lane from 7-11 that is located at Chulia Street and then turning left into Muntri Street, I've never noticed that this small corner is a nostalgic cafe and gallery that is called 50. Rattan baskets on top of the wooden ceiling, lifestyle pictures on the wall, the black disc player or the cassette-type of radio; every single items here are refreshing the childhood memories that some may have once upon a time. The cozy and comfortable ambient is so relaxing that everyone is chatting and lazing around in a very pleasant pace.

The first eyesight is as well being attracted by the colourful front page of the menu that is decorated with the logo of different hotels or cruises. As we've just taken our dinner, Franky and I have decided to try out their 50 Coffee. This is the syphon coffee that is prepared right before your eyes. The owner is using Honduras coffee beans whereby the grounded beans are located inside the glass bulb on the most top. The bottom part of the syphon is for the water that will be then being heated with a portable lighter. The concept of syphon coffee is by pressuring the hot water through the filter and towards the upper part of the glass bulb that will then being boiled into coffee. The coffee is then flowing down to the clean glass bulb at the bottom once the lighter is moved. The residues of the coffee beans will be sieved by the filter and a cup of hot coffee is then being served in front of us. I've indeed enjoyed the procedures of making a cup of syphon coffee. However, we don't like the coffee as it's too thin and it doesn't have a strong and nice coffee smell.

50 brings back a lot of our childhood memories. I bet that it'll be our new gathering point in future that we'll sure revisit this place again.

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