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Sunday, 10 June 2012

Hunting at Thomson Road潭臣道

Arriving at our hotel that is located at Wan Chai灣仔 in Hong Kong香港, each of us are starving for food and thinking only to fill our extreme hunger. Hunting around our hotel, we've decided to step into 溢駿餐廰 that is located at Thomson Road潭臣道 or the place that is nearby the Wan Chai Mass Transit Railway (MTR) station. This is not really the most comfortable and cozy ambient that we're wishing for, but our hunger has won over our feet to walk further.

The menu is only available in Chinese and we've decided to go for sharing. As Phoebe and I can read and speak proper Mandarin and Cantonese, thus we're assigned to do the ordering. We've ordered 叉燒炒滑蛋, 瑤柱北菇扒時蔬, XO醬爆豬頸肉 and 嘟嘟排骨煲 while the white rice is given as FOC (Free-Of-Charge). If being simplified in English, the dishes are Fried Egg with Char Siew, Seasonal Vegetable with Dried Scallops and Mushroom, Fried Pork Neck Meat with XO Sauce and Claypot Pork Ribs. Our favourite is the XO醬爆豬頸肉 as the meat is tender and juicy while the sauce does match the pork neck meat completely. Oppositely, we don't like the 嘟嘟排骨煲 as the sauce tastes weird, I guess it's because the chef is using the fermented Tofu. We've been too hungry to taste the food in slowly pace whereby all the dishes taste just nice. Well, there's only a concern that we've ordered too many dishes that consist of pork meat.
Bernd, Attila and I dislike to eat rice that we've ordered the 干燒叉燒伊面. The noodle is fried with sort of XO sauce. It doesn't taste very delicious and indeed too dry.

We're not fancy about the dishes here. This is just the first restaurant that we're driven to, due to our hunger.


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