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Thursday, 7 June 2012

JJ is Selling Swiss Rolls

JJ Cakes佳佳蛋糕世界 has changed my perception over Swiss Rolls by introducing fresh fruits and fresh vegetable into their homemade cakes. Swiss Rolls are no longer available only in the traditional vanilla or chocolate flavours, indeed they offer the low sugar and no preservatives concept by using fruits such as banana, strawberry, kiwi to seasonal fruits like Durian or Chempedak and as well vegetable that ranges from carrot, spinach to pumpkin or yam.

With the help from my colleague from Ipoh, I've ordered the Carrot Cream Cheese and Fresh Durian Swiss Rolls to be delivered to Penang. Depending on the matching of the tastes, the fruits or vegetable can be added to the outer cakes or to be used as the inner fillings. The carrot cake is filled with the cheese-flavoured cream while for the Fresh Durian Swiss Roll, the plain butter cake is filled with fresh Durian paste. My Boyfriend and I have enjoyed the Swiss Rolls so much for their effort in using the authentic ingredients. The taste and the smell are so appealing, especially the nice aroma from the fresh Durian. The Swiss Rolls are available in the standard big size or as mini rolls. I do prefer the big rolls because nuts are normally added to give the crunchiness and to enhance the deliciousness.

You can find JJ Cakes only in Ipoh now. However, if you're ordering for 100pcs of Swiss Rolls (Only the standard big roll), they'll arrange for delivery to Penang.

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