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Sunday, 24 June 2012

Where There's a Local Food Court, at Sg. Pinang

One of the greatest culture about M'sia is the local food courts that you can get various types of dishes here. Ranging from frying to grilling and from main course to side dish or snack, these are the specialties that you can enjoy at cheap price. One of Attila and my favourite food court is Sg. Pinang檳榔河 that is located at Jalan Sg. Pinang. We'll always have our dinner there whenever we're visiting our friend, Cartoon.

It's my habit and it's a must to check East Coast BBQ for their availability for the night here. I've always wandered to check for their daily servings for seafood. My favourite has always been the cuttle fish that is grilled plainly with chili flakes and then being served with the grounded chili sauce. Anyway, do accept that it's a seasonal item that you may not get it all the time! Sometimes, Attila will order the fresh scallops that will be grilled with a lot of chopped garlic for me. I do like the freshness of the garlic yet the scallops are just too salty for me. Well, glutamate or the so-called Ajinomoto!
Some local dishes that we've liked to order are such as Char Koay Teow炒粿條, Fried Wan Tan炸云吞, Fried Mantis Prawn炸蝦羔 and Chinese Pancake or Ban Cheng Koay曼煎糕. I'll say that these are the common dishes that you can find them anywhere or anytime in M'sia yet you're getting them at cheaper price here than any fine-dining restaurants.
Food Court is a specialty in M'sia that it does has come dishes that I may not find it anywhere. To me, it's a culture that I'll respect and appreciate it anytime and anywhere.

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