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Thursday, 14 June 2012

Hungry for Dinner at Shenzen; the Landport Restaurant

Passing through the Lo Wu border, we feel so hungry that we've decided to take our meal directly at the bus station before we get starved while on the way to Shenzen West. Choosing randomly, we've decided to go into Landport Restaurant口岸茶餐厅. The surrounding is definitely not the cleanest and the ambient is not most comfortable, yet our great hunger has killed our motivation to walk further.

Attila has chosen to take the 2-in-1 BBQ燒味雙拼 that consists of Honey Barbeque蜜汁叉燒 and Crisp Roast Brisket化皮燒腩肉. The plate looks sinful! The pork that has been glazed with honey that it's burnt slightly and the thick layer of fat meat that is covered with the crispy pork skin, both of the pork taste good with the Mustard dipping sauce. To me, this is alike the Eastern meets Western whereby the Chinese style roasted pork matches well with the yellow Mustard. Anyway, I need to control my appetite over the dish ;)

I've asked for myself a bowl of 爆漿咖喱雞丸湯麵, the noodle soup that is served with 'explosion' curry chicken meat ball. Additionally with 2RMB that I've changed from the plain noodle to Japan instant noodle出前一丁. It's a surprise to me that the soup is served tasteless with the seasoning powder separately. I don't like the chicken meat ball because it's very dry whereby it doesn't contain any sauce to create the 'explosion' feeling while biting. As well, the curry powder is too less to give a 'taste' to the meat ball.

I take it only as a meal to fill my hunger. If you don't mind to walk further, you'll be able to find cleaner or more comfortable restaurant nearby or just hangout in the town.

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