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Wednesday, 13 June 2012

My Last Stop for Bakery in Hong Kong, Egg Tart at Orchid Padaria

Egg Tart has always been one of my favourite pastry. It has been my wish that I'm so wanting to try an egg tart in Hong Kong. No other reasons, anyone that has visited Hong Kong is proud to promote the egg tarts there. No takeaway and no fancy shops, the egg tarts taste just great even they're sold at any roadside stalls. Finally, I've visited Orchid Padaria Bakery君蘭餅店 during my last stop at Lo Wu羅湖 border between Hong Kong香港 and Shenzen深圳.

A lot of customers are queuing to takeaway some breads or especially the pastries, to be eaten on the way from the border to Shenzen town. The journey will take about 45minutes to 1hour. It's kind of disappointed that the traditional Egg Tart蛋撻 is not available here yet I'm still very happy to find the Portuguese Egg Tart葡撻. Egg Tart is a pastry crust with egg custard and being baked that the egg ingredient is not only smelling nice but as well tasting good. The only difference is that Portuguese Egg Tart is having a crispier crust than the traditional type. Look at the thin crust with the thick layer of egg custard! Oppositely in M'sia, thick crust and thin egg custard. I've been so satisfied as the egg custard here is very delicious.
I hope that I'll have a chance to visit Hong Kong again and I've to really try out the traditional Egg Tart here.

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