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Sunday, 1 July 2012

'3-Tastes' Chicken Rice at Bukit Gedong

Once in awhile, the whole lunch gang will decide for a chicken rice meal at Bukit Gedong. It's our regular place that we've always called it as 3-Tastes or 三味. The name is given from their famous dishes that include the pork, chicken and the intestine. In fact, their dishes range from the Roasted Pork烧肉, Honey Glazed Pork叉烧, Roasted Chicken烧鸡, Steamed Chicken白斩鸡 to the Roasted Intestine烧肠.

It's our regular custom to order every dishes that they're serving whenever we're here for lunch. My favourite has always been the crispy skin and the tender meat of the roasted pork and as well the slight sweetness and crispiness of the honey glazed pork. If you're eager to taste the best roasted pork of the day, 1130am will be the most suitable time whereby the pork is freshly delivered. Besides, I've as well enjoyed their thick and spicy grounded chili. I'll not comment so much about the chicken as it tastes neither very special nor outstanding. While I'm not fancy over the pork intestine, my lunch mates do comment that they like it.
I've indeed enjoyed the Chicken Rice at Bukit Gedong yet it's a drawback that I feel so thirsty after each meal. I hate it that I'm guessing the quantity of Glutamate or Ajinomoto that they've been using?!!

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