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Sunday, 17 June 2012

Healthy Organics; 辣享空间 Menu at 干鍋轩 Restaurant

Visiting around Shenzen town, Dr. Frank has brought us to a shopping mall by the LED market area for a lunch and tea-time break. The highest level of the shopping mall is only about restaurants and we've decided to step into 干鍋轩. I've just realized that the name of the restaurant is a mixture of traditional and simplified Chinese characters. The specialties here are the mushrooms and chickens that are originated from Yunnan Highland云南高原山区. The Wild Mushrooms野菌 are found naturally at the height of 4000m above the sea level while the Chahua Chickens茶花鸡 are fed and grown with the worms and grass in the forest. We've decided to go for a healthy and organic meal here.

The menu itself is called 辣享空间 or it means as well 'A Space to Enjoy Spiciness'. We've ordered the 松茸北风菌茶花鸡香锅 vs 香辣虾香锅 for sharing. Both of these dishes are served in the triangular parts of the metal container separately. I'm amazed by the freshness and deliciousness of the wild mushrooms. The mushroom is small in size yet the taste is very appealing. Besides, both of the prawns and chickens are as well very small and quite meatless. Anyway, some of the us do enjoy the spiciness of the prawns while some of us have indeed enjoyed the tenderness of the chicken. Of course, there's also complaint that the chicken has too many bones.

Additionally, we've ordered the side dishes such as 手撕包菜, 香菇生菜, 云腿芥兰 and 肉末烧豆腐. If I've to translate the dishes directly into English, they're Hand Shredded Cabbage, Mushroom and Fresh Vegetable, Pork Bacon with Kai Lan and Fried Minced Pork with Tofu. We've been so satisfied with the tastiness of all of the dishes above. I've particularly enjoyed the cabbage with the slight spiciness from the dried chili. As the dishes taste a little salty, I'll be glad to have a bowl of white rice.

I think it'll be a good idea if we can have such restaurant in Malaysia. The dishes have somehow changed my mind about the boredom and tasteless of healthy organic food.

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