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Sunday, 17 June 2012

Departure from Hong Kong; MY NOSH Café

Departing from Hong Kong with Airasia flight, we've not too many restaurants here. Wandering from here to there and there to here, we've decided to go into MY NOSH Café for our dinner. I guess the only motivation at the moment is sandwich as this is the only place that is serving both Oriental and Western cuisines.

Attila has ordered the King Burger帝皇漢堡包 that consists of beef, lettuce, tomato, pickles, cheese, bacon, chili and fried egg. The burger doesn't taste superb yet the meat patty is quite juicy and Attila is quite satisfied with the combination of all the ingredients. I've asked for myself the U.S Baked Potato with Tandoori Chicken天多尼雞薯. This is one of the worst dish that I've ever had because the Tandoori Chicken is tasteless while the potato is not only black but it as well tastes weird.

I'm somehow totally dissatisfied with the dinner yet we're not given too many choices here.

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