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Sunday, 27 May 2012

Mee Sotong by Hameed 'Pata'

Fort Cornwallis in Penang is the old star-shaped fort and as well the largest standing fort in Malaysia. I'm not going to talk about the fort but to talk about the Hameed 'Pata' Special Mee that is found inside the food court beside the Fort Cornwallis. Mee Sotong either by Goreng that is Frying or by Rebus that is Boiling, this is the specialty mee that is well-known here. The price ranges from the standard RM4 till RM6 depending on the portion. If you're not fancy about the mee or yellow noodle, you can as well ask for Bihun the vermicelli or Koay teow the rice noodle.

1st trying on the famous Mee Sotong, the noodle is fried with egg, Tofu, potato, bean sprout and fried prawn cake with their special chili-based sauce to give the delicious red shining colour. The most important step and it's not to be forgotten is the Sotong or Squid that is cooked with the blended chili to create the spiciness and I guess being added with sugar to give the little sweetness and to thicken the sauce. The squid has been cooked till it has absorbed the sauce completely and it's not chewy. Mixing the squid and the fried noodle, both of the tastes complete each other to give the most deliciousness to the tastebud.
I'm totally satisfied with this Indian-Malay style fried noodle and it's a joy for a tasty meal at a low price.

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