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Sunday, 13 March 2011

Perut Rumah; the Stomach of the House?!!

After some persuading, my boyfriend has finally agreed to go for Nyonya Cuisine with me that I've chosen the 'Perut Rumah'. The name itself means the Stomach of the House; I don't know and never ask why because the only thing appears in my mind is food. Nyonya food is resulted from the unique marriage of cultures between Malay and Chinese. While waiting for the food to be served, I've taken some pictures of the decorations in this traditional building. The surrounding is comfortable to sit in and to relax, just alike back to the old time.

Our first dish is the Tomyam Seafood that has prawn, squid and mushroom in this colorful red soup. The spiciness is really firing, burning my tongue yet I do enjoy this extreme taste together with the strong sourness. The next order is the Dark Soy Sauce Pork that is cooked together with the hard-boiled egg and Tofu. My boyfriend has decided for this dish, basically because the meat is boneless. The pork is tender whereby the dark soy sauce has been completely absorbed into the meat, egg and also the Tofu. The sweetness and saltiness are just-to-taste and I think that it's great to go with white rice.

Some side orders are the Fried Calamari Rings, Loh Bak and the Kerabu Black Fungus. The Squid has been coated with too much flour that makes it too hard. While for the Loh Bak, the pork is tender and juicy except that it's too sweet; maybe from the spices to marinate the meat? The Kerabu Black Fungus is quite interesting for me because people will normally tend to use mango or green papaya for Kerabu. I find the dish interesting because it's crispy but the taste... Well, so so and not bad!

Overall, I do like the ambient here but for the dishes... I don't really find it to suit my taste; partly as most of the dishes are quite sweet and maybe, I haven't ordered the original Nyonya Cuisine?!!

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