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Sunday, 13 March 2011

Where You Feel Hong Kong, at Canton-i

Too many times that I've been in Canton-i, the restaurant that brings you the delicious taste from Hong Kong. Finally, I've managed to capture some pictures for my blog.

My favourite drink here is always the Flowering Red Amaranth水中花篮. As its Chinese name, this hot beverage appears alike the flower basket in the water. The small bundle of tea leaves in the hot water; starting to blossom and release the flower above to the water surface.

My meaty boyfriend has ordered the signature dish of Honey Glazed Roast Pork叉烧皇. The half fats and half lean meat just melts in my mouth; leaving the sweet sauce in between the teeth. The wonderful part is the over-glazed pork that is black yet crispy. The next main dish is the Fried Carrot Cake XO酱炒萝卜糕. The carrot cake is fried till golden brown with some crispiness; then being fried together with the seafood, bean sprout, egg and the most important is the pickled radish that gives a nice aroma and saltiness to the carrot cake. One small imperfection is the adding of too much XO sauce that makes the dish becoming too salty.

Additional side orders that I've ordered are the Steamed Prawn Vegetable Dumpling鲜虾韭菜饺 and the Deep Fried 'Sui Kow'炸水饺. Both of these dumplings consist mainly of prawn meat whereby the first is added with the leek and then being steamed while the 'Sui Kow' is added with some sliced black fungus and carrot before being fried. Different types of dumpling skin, resulted is the soft skin and crispiness when biting.

I've never been to Hong Kong that I can't compare the taste of the food but I've to admit that I enjoy every dishes in Canton-i. One honest statement is that the bill is not cheap...

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