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Monday, 28 February 2011

Seafood Again... to Ocean Green!

Seafood again and here we go to the OG Restaurant or what is known as Ocean Green海洋青. It's located somewhere opposite the Northern Tower; Coming from the Gurney Drive direction and after passing by the Northam Beach Food Court, then you'll see the green lighted signboard.
The wide area is just perfect to serve a big group of guests, like the 11 people of us. We're recommended with the appetizers of Satay and Cheese Crab. The Satay has been pre-dipped and grilled with the sauce together. The meat is compact yet still juicy, partly from the peanut oil of the sauce itself. The Cheese Crab is in fact the baked crab meat with cheese that is stuffed in the crab shell. The nice cheesy aroma is enhancing the taste of the crab meat and I do enjoy the deliciousness of these combinations.
Our next main characters are the Steamed Garupa and the Deep Fried Red Snapper. The fresh Garupa fish is steamed in the soy sauce whereby the saltiness of the light soy sauce is adding marks to the natural sweetness of the meat. Followed by is the deep frying for my boyfriend whom dislikes steaming and this simple dish of Red Snapper is just being garnished with light soy sauce before serving. I myself personally dislike this Red Snapper for its thick and oily river fish meat. In short, I hate the jelly-type of taste in my mouth. Another deep frying dishes are the Fried Squid and the Salted Eggs Kelong Prawns. The big-sized squid is quite tender except the thick flour coating that appears to be harder instead of crispy. Talking about the salted eggs, the chef is not so expertise because the prawns are tasted 'powdery' and meantime, the saltiness is not appealing in this dish as well.

My next order has actually created some arguments yet the Germans have finished the whole plate without further questions; the Sea Cucumber. The ingredients... are boiled till the dark soy sauce has been completely absorbed to release the aroma. Even though they think at first that the dish is slimy, but I guess they do enjoy the special taste of this Oriental dish.
Last but not least, we're served with a small bowl of Seafood Noodle and Fried Rice; that have been divided and served equally to each of us. Normal taste except one specialty, I think the rice is fried with honey dew melon?!!

A whole dinner session with a lot of beers and German language only; I'm feeling so full and putting on weight again...

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