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Monday, 14 March 2011

Koh Lipe Part I: La Luna Food & Drinks

Before I've forgotten all my sweet memories about the Koh Lipe Island at the Andaman Sea in Thailand, it's really my wish to share with you about the nice food that I can find on this beautiful island; the blue sky, the clear water and the sandy beach.

The first restaurant that I've visited is serving Italian and Thai food and it's known as La Luna Food & Drinks. A very important point that you'll enjoy here is the remarkable good service from both the restaurant owner and his waitresses. With a gentle and polite manner to take our orders, they've also tried their best to fulfill our requirements.

I've ordered the Spaghetti Con Gamberi Totani Cozze (Seafood); description is tomato sauce with white wine, prawn, squid and mussel. The sourness from the tomato sauce is enhanced with the white wine, bringing a nice aroma and a neutralized taste that goes well with the fresh seafood. If you prefer saltier spaghetti, just go ahead with the Parmesan Cheese. My boyfriend has ordered a Pizza that I can't recall the long name, but it's definitely with Salami. Additionally, the pizza is topped with some mushroom and an egg at the center. The pizza dough is a little bit dry but it's thin and with a thin layer of cheese, my boyfriend enjoys this pizza that will not make him becoming too full. This is one of the biggest satisfaction that he has about La Luna.

It's really no regret to have our dinner in La Luna Food & Drinks that I'm fully recommending this restaurant if you wish to visit Koh Lipe someday... Not only the food and the drink, but also the service that has warmed the heart of the guests to be here.


  1. thanks for joining and sharing these very lovely photos!

  2. Welcome ;)
    The Pizza has brought us a good memory about 'what is a good Italian Pizza'