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Monday, 14 March 2011

Koh Lipe Part II: SPIDERMONKEY Bar & Cafe

Why SPIDERMONKEY, why not SPIDERMAN? My boyfriend has started to laugh about this question that has been thrown out by his girlfriend, me. No explanation is given and thus, I guess that the owner likes spider and monkey ;)
Just kidding as I've no clue about the WHY?!! This place is serving Western and Thai food and a very important remark is 'we use bottled water to wash all our salads and to make all of our ice'.

The mood is more towards Asian food and I've ordered a Paad Thai and Seafood Tomyam Kung without Coconut Milk. Paad Thai is a type of rice noodle in Thailand that is fried with some seafood, Tofu and mixed with some grounded peanut. It tastes sweet and the nice aroma comes from the peanut. I don't really like the soft and sticky noodle, especially the sweetness. Talking about the Tomyam Kung, the spiciness is just nice for my level except that the lemongrass taste is too strong whereby it tends to create some bitterness at the end of the tongue.

As always, my boyfriend has chosen the Salami Pizza again. The chef has been using the black olives as the topping and also the Shitake mushroom instead of the button type. The strong smell of Shitake mushroom has created a weird taste of mis-match between Oriental and Western. My boyfriend doesn't enjoy the pizza here because he hates the thick layer of cheese.

I personally prefer the food in La Luna but SPIDERMONKEY is also a recommended place to dine-in, especially we've enjoyed a nice conversation with the outgoing waitress.

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