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Monday, 21 March 2011

Taste of Thai in Butterworth; Khuntai Restaurant

I've been so forgetful lately that I remember only my food, but not the signboard of the restaurant. I guess it's time for me to get a better camera, to motivate myself for more and sharper images... I'm introducing Khuntai坤泰 Restaurant that is located at Permatang Tengah, Butterworth; for its Thai food. It's not difficult to 'detect' this restaurant because you'll find a lot of wooden huts outside the restaurant area.

The first dish that I've chosen is the Seafood Tomyam冬炎海鲜; what a sharp red-colored soup! The soup is thick and sweet from the Tomyam paste yet it's very spicy with plenty of Cili padi. I love the flaming spiciness in my mouth but the thick soup is making me full gradually. Additionally, the seafood such as the prawn and squid are very fresh that I enjoy the tenderness and juiciness in the meat. Secondly, my boyfriend and I have decided to go for the Claypot Glass Noodle with Prawn砂煲虾冬粉. The glass noodle is very tasty with the sweetness and aroma from the dark soy sauce. Coupled with sufficient saltiness and the fresh prawn, I have finished almost the whole pot by myself.

My next recommendation is the Steamed Lemon Sotong柠檬蒸苏东. The taste is very refreshing from the lemon and garlic. Additionally with the Cili, the spiciness will start to burn at the end of your tongue. I'm happily enjoying the sweating due to this hot soup but pity my boyfriend whom has to suffer with me ;)

The next order is the Deep Fried Prawns with Starch炸虾团. Usually I've fish cake in Thai restaurant but only prawn is available in Khuntai. The prawns with starch is crispy and with some chopped prawn meat inside, the taste is appealing from the natural of the fresh prawn. The last dish is requested by my boyfriend, the Fried Chicken Tendon香脆鸡筋. You'll like this dish if you enjoy the chewiness of this 'rubber' tendon, but definitely not me.

I'm unsure if these are authentic Thai food and if I'll re-visit this restaurant again... But to now, they've some dishes here that suit my taste.

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