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Sunday, 26 September 2010

1-Day Eating Trip, Part I: Passage Thru India

After a long time of not meeting up each other with my ex-colleagues, we've decided to go for our one day eating trip. Our part I is basically an 'accidentally' case whereby it's not in our plan to dine here; Passage Thru India at Leith Street. To our surprise, everyone of us has enjoyed the lunch very much that it's a no regret to discover and to taste this Indian meal.
Stepping inside the restaurant, all of us are astonished by the beautiful and tidy decorations inside; what a contrast to the old outside look of the restaurant. The dim lighting is creating a cozy ambient that makes us comfortable and peaceful to be here. The plenty decorative items on the wall and the lighting seem to have complicated up the small space but somehow, a special feeling of difference; looking old from outside but a cozy ambient inside the restaurant.

The welcoming or free appetizer is the Papadum, a type of thin and crispy Indian cracker that is being served with a green sauce here. According to the waiter, the sauce is actually made from the mint and yogurt. To me, it's a great sauce as it tastes so refreshing and it just goes well with the Papadum that has been added with some Indian spices.

Starting with the drinks; We've ordered the Masala Tea, Great Indian Coffee and a Mango Lassi. Masala Tea is a special drink that has been added with some Masala spices, giving the tea itself a nice aroma yet it may not be liked by all people. Going to the Great Indian Coffee, it tastes alike a normal milk coffee but I dislike it as it turns out to be too sweet. The Mango Lassi is another compliment as it's neither too sweet nor too thick with a good ratio of the mango to yogurt.

Well, we're totally in lost with the lunch menu as we're not familiar with Indian food. For a safe specification towards the deliciousness, we've asked for the recommendations from the house. Here comes our orders... The first dish is called Mixed Kebab Platter whereby it has the mixture of fish, chicken, lamb and sausage. The colourful red Kebab is really making me hungry that they seem to be very tasty. My first bite starts with the fish... Wow, I do really enjoy the spiciness that is strong at the first moment but it starts to be softer after the meat starts to melt in my mouth. All the Kebab is grilled to the perfection whereby the meat is still juicy and by squeezing the lime on top, it's adding even more freshness and deliciousness to spice up our appetite.

Our next order is the Meen Moilee; the fish is being cooked in rich coconut gravy. Similarly, the dish seems to be so appetizing as well. The fish is actually delicious without being too sweet, too salty or too spicy; in short, it's just-to-taste on the seasoning. However, the coconut milk has been too milky that we start to feel 'full' after few spoons with the sauce.

The 5-stars dish here and also the favourite for us is the Bendi Masala. I can't guess the ingredients inside but the thick gravy with the chili paste tastes just perfectly with the Bendi that has been cooked sufficiently to maintain the little crispiness. Frankly speaking, I hate Bendi as it always turns out to be very sticky. However, I'll rate a maximum 10marks for the deliciousness of this Bendi Masala here.

To go with our dishes, we've chosen the Nasi Beriyani. I think it's the nature of the rice that is being used here that it's a little bit sticky if comparing to our rice in Malaysia. The rice is cooked with the sliced chili and added with some coloring; they do smell nice.

It's an unplanned event to bump into Passage Thru Indian for our lunch, but it's a complete satisfaction to have this delicious meal. We'll definitely come back here to eager for the Indian food again... Located at: No. 11A, Leith Street, 10200 george Town, Penang.

(From Left: Siang Tian, myself & Amy)

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