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Monday, 13 September 2010

Story of Guilin: Beer Fish in Yangshuo

One of the outskirt area that is not to be missed during the Guilin tour is Yangshuo阳朔. This is where the famous Li-River漓江 is located whereby it's recommended to take the bamboo raft to travel along this long river to enjoy the beautiful scenery of mountains in Guilin while you're relaxing in a slow and leisurely pace.

The most famous food in Yangshuo is called Beer Fish啤酒鱼. The river fish is cooked in Beer and added with some local vegetable or chili per your wish, then being served in whole with the scales are still attached to the skin. The whole fish is laid flat on the big plate, so it's kind of easy for us to remove the whole piece of skin that is full with the scales on top; but it's still a bit weird and abnormal to us to see the uncleaned fish scales. Frankly, we don't really taste the Beer and instead the sourness is stronger. According to a local here, the Chili is influenced more by sourness that is mainly due to the weather and topography in Guilin. I'm an extreme non-river fish lover that I've to eat the fish with a lot of sliced chili, in order to cover up the natural soil taste in the fish meat itself.

Our next dish is the Fried Green Beans with Chopped Pork干扁四季豆 and Claypot Meat-stuffed Tofu酿豆腐煲. Our favourite is the Green Beans; even it seems to be a little drier, but it suits our taste with a moderate sweetness, sourness and spiciness. The chopped pork has added up the aroma and refreshment that goes well with the beans. The Tofu that has been stuffed with blended pork is cooked with some tomatoes and capsicums in the sour Chili of Guilin. Even we dislike the Chili, but the Tofu itself is very smooth.

There's been plenty restaurants in Yangshuo that serve Beer Fish. 大师傅啤酒鱼 is one the restaurant that is recommended by the local people here. It's always an adventurous journey for us to try new dish even though the taste doesn't suit us.

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