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Sunday, 5 September 2010

Story of Guilin: Bread that is called 手撕包

Guilin is famous for its beautiful and natural scenery, there comes the 'The Greatest Mountains and Rivers under the Sky - 桂林山水甲天下'.

Let us talk about the stories of bread in Guilin that is called 手撕包. The direct translation means it's a bread that can be hand-torn. What has attracted us to try the bread is the layers that are circled nicely to form this big dough, while the butter and cream are layered together between the bread to give the sweet taste and aroma. Secondly, we're buying the bread as an advanced preparation to our breakfast, so that we can wake up at 9 or 11am ;)

Our first 手撕包 is bought at the MXCCAKE cake house in YangShuo阳朔. Each packet consists of two small doughs that are attached together with the cost at RMB 6.0 . The layers are thin that they're neatly layered into the long-oval shape. I like this smooth and compact bread yet it's not sticking to my teeth.

The next 手撕包 is bought at Fiona cake house in Guilin桂林 for our pre-dinner as we're just too hungry, walking over the streets to search for our dinner. The layers are thicker whereby they're more alike the big ribbons that are crossed together to form the big, round bread. It also costs us at RMB 6.0 but my friends prefer this for the thicker butter taste and also the stronger aroma. Our third bread is bought in Guilin as well, to be eaten as our last breakfast before departing home to M'sia. This time around, we've chosen the Moma cake house that is seem to be more sophisticated and elegant. The dough is having the thinnest layers among the all, but it's also the most expensive by costing us at RMB 8.0. The texture of the dough is rougher and the butter is not tasted much either. Anyway, the packing is more interesting and the bread is actually presented in a tidier way.

In comparison, the majority votes go to the Fiona cake house in Guilin whereby the bread is not only soft but the butter taste is also stronger and nicer. It means, you'll really taste the butter cream when the bread is in your mouth. I personally like the one in MXCCAKE as the bread is more compact and I do enjoy the little butter cream taste in the dough. I'm not the kind of person to like the oily butter. Overall, if we're talking about taste and price, the best vote will still go to Fiona cake house.

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