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Saturday, 18 September 2010

Story of Guilin: The most Famous Rice Vermicelli or What's Called as 'Bee Hoon' in Malaysia

Rice vermicelli or Bee Hoon is one of the most famous local food in Guilin, that it can be easily found in any shops or food stalls. It's a common food that it's kind of a must for them to have Bee Hoon as breakfast. According to the motel owner of where we've chosen to stay, the Bee Hoon comes from the same manufacturing factory and it's the sauce or the soup that has determined the deliciousness of your bowl of Bee Hoon.

It's a hard task for us to choose a place to have our Bee Hoon as I've to say that Cleanliness has played the most important part. At the end, we've chosen the 崇善米粉; it's one of the listed in top ten golden brand of Bee Hoon in Guilin. This is a self-service restaurant whereby once you've done the payment at the counter, you've to drop your order to the kitchen and waiting to pick up your plates then.

My friends have ordered the 白果老鸭汤粉Duck with Ginkgo Soup and 玉米排骨粉Pork Ribs with Corn Soup; both are Bee Hoon in soup. We prefer the duck soup whereby there's no bad smell of duck and in fact, the duck bones and meats have been boiled for so long, to create such a natural sweetness in the soup itself. Besides, the ginkgo has also been a good ingredient to enhance the taste of the soup. Talking about preference here, the pork rib soup doesn't look as clear as and doesn't taste as sweet as the duck soup. The most awful is the smell of the soup that has strongly reduced my appetite.

For myself, I've ordered a 素粉Vegetarian Bee Hoon that is served with peanuts, pickled long beans and chili with some light sauce as the base. Additionally, I've asked for a 香卤腐竹Bean-curd in Dark Soy Sauce. I like the crispy peanuts and pickled long beans that have just perfectly matched the soft Bee Hoon. The sauce is not too salty or sweet either, to mix with the tasteless Bee Hoon by itself. The best part for me is, I've added in a big spoon of blended dried chili, chopped chili and some green onions into my bowl; to give me the spiciness for a big sweat.

Been Hoon in Guilin is not a big surprise for us as it's just alike the 'Laksa Noodle' that we're having in Malaysia. What have made the difference is the how to cook it, way to serve it and where it's being served; another life culture in Guilin.

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