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Friday, 1 October 2010

1-Day Eating Trip, Part II: BREEKS Cafe

We've so many words to talk... Continuing of our next round to BREEKS Cafe at Gurney Plaza. Partly is also the hot weather that we prefer to have a cold drink.
Red, black and white; to form the contrast inside BREEKS Cafe. The cozy ambient is nice and comfortable for us to have our long chat here...
Attracted by the size and color, we've chosen the Mighty Mango that should be served for 5people. I can still recall the facial expression of the waiter while taking order, 'This is the portion for 5, are you sure?'... The Mighty Mango is served in a big round cocktail glass of the layers starting with mango ice blended at the bottom, the vanilla ice-cream as the toppings and being garnished by the red cherries. Some mango slices have also been added into the ice blended, to enhance the fruity taste. We do enjoy the chilling of the ice but it appears to be too sweet for us. By the way, it's just too colorful; especially the red syrup.

Really 3 big eaters that we're still able to go for another Avocado ice blended. It's my mistake that I've forgotten the name of the drink but we like this signature drink a lot. This is the first time for me to learn that we can actually produce ice blended with Avocado. My personal view, the Avocado taste is not strong enough but it's not too sweet, especially with the mint chocolate rings around the tall glass; it's adding a refreshment that goes perfectly with the Avocado's taste.

A hot day with chilled drinks inside an air-conditioned restaurant; well, enjoying life ;)

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