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Saturday, 4 September 2010

Ong Cheng Huat Seafood, somewhere I love for the Coconut Tuak

At Bagan Lallang in Butterworth, behind the housing area; it's located the Ong Cheng Huat Seafood王清发海鲜 or what the locals call it as Stall here. It's not a fancy restaurant and there's no air-conditioner, but it always packed with crowd especially during lunch hour or weekends. However, one good point is the efficiency or the speed of your food is served, within minutes... It's my turn to organize the eating trip and here we go to Ong Cheng Huat Seafood.
Talking about Stall, I love their signature drink of Coconut Tuak椰花酒. It's an alcoholic beverage that is made of fermented coconut flower dew. My favourite recipe is to mix the Tuak with Guinness Stout, because the bitterness of Guinness will neutralize the sweetness and sourness of the Tuak, resulting in a very smooth drink with a nice aroma. Anyway, not to drink too fast and too much... It's still an alcohol that can get you drunk ;)
Here comes our main character, the Steamed Red Snapper Head. The ingredients are just simpler the ginger, garlic and chili padi yet they've brought out the sweetness and freshness of the fish head perfectly. Moreover, we do enjoy the sourness of the soup that should come from the sour plum or the lime juice. It's the similar cooking method for the Kepah, but it's not as sweet as, as sour as and as delicious as the fish; I think partly is that the Kepah is too small and the meat is too thin.

Another famous dish here is the Spring Chicken. The meat is not only soft but the sauce to marinate the chicken has also absorbed into the chicken completely, leaving behind the aroma between your teeth. Anyway, this is not my plate as I don't think it really tastes very special or delicious and I definitely dislike the idea to eat the 'small-sized' chicken. The next dishes are the Homemade Fried Prawn Popiah and Fried Tofu that are served with the Thai Chili sauce. The prawns, celery and spices are layered among the popiah skin; being hot and crunchy upon serving. The Tofu is soft and smooth that it'll just 'melt' in my mouth, except that it's too oily.

Sorry to say that we've to eat 'Paul'... Actually, our next order is the Octopus that is served with the Chili sauce that has been mixed with the grounded peanuts. The dish tastes normal but I do enjoy the chewiness of the octopus. Not to forget the Fried Mantis Prawn with Dried Chili that is nothing special to be commented about; As usual, one of my favourite seafood. Kerabu Mango; it's the mixture of mango slices, sliced onions, chopped chili padi and cashew nuts in the sweet and sour sauce. I personally feel that the sauce is too thick and sweet.

Some carbohydrate to fulfill the stomach of the guys, here comes the Fried Beehoon with some prawns, green vegetable, bean sprouts and eggs. A simple dish but I'm wondering how the light and dark soy sauces have appealed here whereby I just can't stop spoon by spoon.

Everyone will have different preferences over your favourite dishes here. If you ask me, the Coconut Tuak and Steamed Fish Head are my motivations to be here. It's a wonderful day to spend the gathering time with a big group of colleagues. They close on Monday, but you can always call to confirm or to do the reservation at +604331 4782.

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