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Sunday, 19 September 2010

Talking about Seafood: Hai Boey Restaurant

Hai Boey Restaurant海尾海鲜 is located somewhere at Teluk Kumbar and they're famous for the seafood by the beach. It's seafood time; a special treat from our friend... Reaching there by dawn time; I like the sunset view of the sunlight to colour the sky, with the lazy armchairs and swing to make a peaceful scenery view.

None of us has the ideas of the choices for food, so we've decided to go for the recommended ones. The first dish or the appetizer is the Fried Meatballs with Eggplants茄子肉丸. Frankly, I won't know if this is an eggplant's dish as it has been blended and mixed well with the meat. The meatballs are fried till crisply brownish yet the juiciness is still being locked in the ingredients.

Our main characters of the night are the Fried 'Kam Heong' style Crab甘香炒蟹 and the Claypot Steamed Fish瓦煲蒸鱼. 'Kam Heong' style is using the curry leaves, shrimps, small chili and with the dark soy sauce to fry the crab till the sauce is absorbed into the crab. It tastes sweet, salty and with a little spiciness that will spice up the appetite. Anyway, I'll recommend to steam or to bake the crab if you're a seafood lover whom enjoys the natural sweetness and freshness. The Claypot Steamed Fish is a famous dish that will be introduced here whereby we're seeing it on every tables. To my personal opinion, it's actually a quite common steamed fish with soy sauce except that it's being placed in the claypot. No doubt that this is a good way to keep the fish warm and to lock the aroma inside the closed pot. Just one big disappointment is, the fish has been over-steamed that the meat is becoming hard and dry.

My all-time favourite dish follows next, the Fried 'Kung Po' style Prawn Mantis宫保虾羔. 'Kung Po' style is also in dark soy sauce, but it's a frying dish by using the dried chili, onion and ginger to create the sweet and spicy tastes. The green vegetable that we've chosen is the Fried 'Kai Lan'清炒芥兰 that is so yummy from the color itself, but again... it's too oily.

Guess what, our most favourite dish goes to the Fried Mixed Rice Vermicelli鸳鸯炒粉 whereby it's a simple dish of two types of rice vermicelli are fried together with some bean sprout, onion, green onion, egg and prawn. The rice vermicelli is cooked just nicely to be bitten in the mouth and the correct seasoning has created the deliciousness that we've wanted for.

Lastly, we've also tried the dessert of the day; Honey Dew with Sago蜜瓜西米露. The blended honey dew is cooked with the sago and also with some honey dew cube before it's chilled in the refrigerator. We do enjoy the chilling of the cold dessert but it has been mixed with too much water that we don't really taste the sweetness of the honey dew itself.

I'll rate Hai Boey Restaurant with a moderate taste for their seafood, but it's somehow worth to come here for the nice scenery and reasonable price. To seafood lover, this is one of the place that can be chosen for the fresh seafood.

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