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Sunday, 22 April 2012

Caffè Nero, By Black Canyon at Bangkok Airport

During flight transit at Bangkok, Attila has pleasantly fulfilled my request by accompanying me to Caffè Nero for our lunch. I'm attracted at first by the brand of Black Canyon, for being well-known in Fusion food. It's just the most accurate time while I'm hunger for Thai cuisine.

Attila has decided to try the Egg Noodle & Prawn Wonton with BBQ Pork or Crispy Pork. This is the Chinese style soupy noodle that is served with dumplings that are filled with prawns and slices of grilled pork. I'm disappointed as the noodle tastes very awful whereby the soup is too sweet and it makes me feeling very thirsty. Furthermore, neither the prawn dumpling nor the pork meat is delicious. My Pad Thai or the Thai style Stir-Fried Rice Noodle with Prawn does not amaze me either. The noodle is very dry and it tastes only sweet instead of slight spiciness. The only compliment that I've is the segregation of the bean sprouts, spring onion and grounded peanut as it's a convenient idea for someone alike me that will not try out raw bean sprouts.

Black Canyon is a franchise that as well setting up its branch in Malaysia. I'm kind of disappointed to find out such food quality that I've tasted. The only thing that I can still be satisfied of is the Black Coffee. 'Coffee and love are best when they are hot' and I like this German proverb.

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